Talk about unthinkable. You and me I mean. 

"You look amazing."

zdnielsen: HEY what do you best like about reign


I made a short list:

This dude:

These idiots:

The queen of the show:

RIP King Henry:

My doomed otp:

This show is absolutely amazing…..

Putting out my first single was just such a cool experience because I didn’t know what was going to happen. I remember putting the physical CD singles into envelopes to mail out to radio, with my mom." - Taylor Swift

Sarah meeting her clones for the first time

"If I was reincarnated as a player, I’d like to be like him.” - Pep Guardiola

"Of all the theories about why the record industry is collapsing – piracy, iTunes, bumbling digital rights management – has anyone considered the real reason is that Taylor Swift took over? Aside from her new single, “Shake It Off,” sales news remains bad: Albums are still down 15 percent, and singles are down 13 percent. It’s a trend that has lasted all year."

— Rolling Stone (x)